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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, this is the newshour. coming up in the next 60 minutes. u.s. trained syrian rebels hand over ammunition and equipment to a group linked to al qaeda. >> i'm so excited. it's a great moment for america. yes. >> thousands line the streets of new york to catch a glimpse of pope francis. >> switzerland stops the sale of
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some volkswagen in the wake of a growing emissions scandal. >> i have the sport, including f.i.f.a.'s chief singled out. sepp blatter cuts a lonely figure offer being investigated by swiss authorities over corruption allegations the pentagon has now admitted u.s.-trained fighters in syria have handed over ammunition and equipment to a rebel group linked to al qaeda. a unit of the new syrian forces verandahered 25% of their u.s. -- surrendered 25% of their ammunition to a terrorist organization. it is part of a $500 million programme aimed at training 5,400 rebels a year to fight the syrian regime. in jowell, the first group of
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fighters was attacked by al nusra. the fighters were seen last week. a future resolution in syria must involve the removal of bashar al-assad. >> the announcement of the turn over the weapons was a major disappointment. but not exactly surprising. this is not the first time pt force had to content with nusra, and it's oftentimes that weapons that are moved into syria do have to be handed over to separate groups. more for the training equipped program. any solution has to have bashar al-assad stepping down. if we want to accept that syria is a divided country, perhaps there could be something else, but the longer bashar al-assad is there, the longer they will be divided pope francis celebrated mass
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at new york's madison square gardens. it's usual usually associated with sport and intern tain: it was -- entertain: it was packed with 25,000. >> translation: big cities conceal the faces of all showing people that don't appear to belong, or second class citizens. in big cities, beneath the roar of traffic and the pace of change. so many pass by unnoticed because they have no right to be there or be a part of the city. >> the mass was the pope's last event in new york. earlier he addressed the u.n. with wide-ranging speeches focussing on war and the environment. he visited a school with mainly minority children. >> in harlem, some waited for hours to see pope francis. there were high expectations. >> it's a blessing, a once in a
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lift opportunity. >> there were signs of the pontiff anywhere, they wanted a real thing. there it is, it happened fast. this is what they were waiting for, the emotions of the moment overwhelming. >> i'm so excited. it's a sober moment for america. yes. >> it's so emotional. >> i'm seeing the pope. >> reporter: francis's visit to a school of mostly minority children created an unscripted and lighter moment. his message was simple. earlier in the day stephanie and her best friend waited five hours to try to see the pope as he arrived at ground zero. she said this is a pope like no other. >> there is something good about him. he's refreshing. stands for the right things. it makes you bebelieve, restores your faith. >> thousands of people waited outside the barricades,
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positioning themselves for the best view. the pope was in full force. whether he wanted to wear it or pin it on you, he could take it home. >> pope francis didn't pass by on his way out. at the end of the day, outside madison square garden, where the pope made the evening mass, others made another attempt to get a glimpse. whether it was excitement to see him or disappointment to not. this pope sparked curiosity. >> switzerland temporarily banned the sale of volkswagen dated emission the systems. it's the latest development in a scandal leeting to the re-organisation.
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11 million cars contained software to trick the emissions test. it could lead to fines of $18 million. volkswagen is trying to contain the fall out. a new report from european autocompanies are said to be inflated. rob reynolds has more from berlin hard on the heels of the volkswagen emissions scandal, comes a report that european cars emissions are lower than manufacturers claim. >> consumeser have been lied to. the discrepancy is getting larger. >> reporter: the international council on clean transportation romp says the difference between the broachure figures and the real world reached an all-time high. with road and highway driving, consuming 30% more fuel under carmakers laboratory conditions.
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the gap between the test results and real-world driving is explained by vehicle manufacturers, exploiting loopholes in the regulations. lab tests can be manipulated by using special overinflated tyres, sealing them and other measures. >> the problem that we are seeing with some time now, the results achieved in the laboratory are not matched by results achieved while the vehicles are out there in use. it refleghts the use of the vehicle. the performance that you and i could expect, when they are driving around. >> lower fuel efficiency means individual cars produce for greenhouse gases. environmentalists say. >> pollution in europe causes about 400 to 500,000 premature
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deaths every year. the cost for society are immense, and obviously no one thought about taking action until right now. >> the fuel efficiency gap has an impact not only on global climate and people's lungs. it affect their wallets. the report says the discrepancy means car owners will spend an extra 450 euros, for 500 on fuel every year. >> reporter: f.i.f.a. president sepp blatter is under criminal investigation in switzerland. the head of football's world governing policy has been questioned about alleged illegal payments. it's almost 4 months since he announced he'd step down from his post. lee wellings has more. >> reporter: the net on the criminal investigation has been
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closing around f.i.f.a. headquarters. the the question had been when the investigation reached president. the answer coming on the day sepp blatter chaired an executive meeting. behind closed doors, sepp blatter was interrogated by the attorney-general and his data seized. peter waited for a press conference that never happened. platter accused of misappropriation of funds. misappropriation of funds.c once again the disgraced vice president jack warner was involved. in a statement the attorney general said: sepp blatter accused of abusing his position with that contract and one signed in 2011 for work done a decade order. -- earlier. that payment to michelle batin. >> the u.e.f.a. president is set to replace sepp blatter but he was was questioned and embroiled
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in a sorry mess along with others on the executive committee. a form of denial came from sepp blatter's lawyers. they said: ironically f.i.f.a. announced plans for transparency. >> he'll have to be suspended, referred to the ethics committee, the body that handles the advances. and nanses within f.i.f.a. if he refers to the committee, he'll have to be suspended. he's due to stand down, i think that is when the election for a new president takes place, this is the end for sepp blatter. outside of u.e.f.a., long before outside of u.e.f.a., long before the federal bureau of investigation's intervention in may, the swiss attorney-generally general's team cooperated.
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the work continues, leaving f.i.f.a. in turmoil with a discredited president. an organization torn apart from crime sports presenter jo is here to discuss this with us. as you know, a lot are asking with everything that is going on, why is sepp blatter still there. why hasn't he stepped down? >> he is going to step down as president of f.i.f.a. after 17 years. not until february. the presidential elections are happening then. you could argue that he has not been charged with anything, it's only the criminal investigation. f.i.f.a. answers only to f.i.f.a. and he is at the top of the house of cards. they could suspend him, making the position untenable. he's likely to resign and end his career with more dignity
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than that. >> there's more to come out. we think of this assist a case of what is going on. investigators have to go through terabytes of data. the latest comes from criminal investigations. they are sifting through massive amounts of data. it's known as forensic accounting. they are looking at the tiny details, meaning that the vags could take years. alongside that investigation, the u.s. investigation, looking into rehabilitation tear whying and bribery, they are working to work together. we know that. the u.s. prosecutors promised more arrests in the coming weeks. >> stay tuned. >> thank you for that. >> more to come here on al jazeera. firsty for rain. people in botswana in the grip of a severe water crisis.
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>> why a law designeded to unite iraq's militias are stalling and why sepp blatter is not the only name in football to fall foul of investigators. details in sport let's get more on our top story. the pentagon admitting that u.s.-trained fighters in syria handed over ammunition and equipment to a rebel group linked to al qaeda. professor of international relations at the london school of economics. and joins us live fro the french capital. how much of an edge does this give to the mus ra front. do we know the types of weapons and equipment handed over to them. >> it doesn't matter.
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this is not about the can't di or the quality of the weapons, it's about the symbolism, embarrassment for the group. it exposes an element. it shows a powerful faction inside syria, and the weakness of the free syrian army, and i.s.i.s. with the islamic state. all in all, it's not a good day for the president obama administration or the moderate civilisation. russia has been saying the u.s. led is not effective. now president obama is meeting in the next few days in new york. this goes to show that the -
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that president obama doesn't have a strategy, it's the final nail. >> i'm talking about the u.s. strategy, and what does it mean for the future of the u.s. programme, efforts to train the fight erls, do you think? >> i think my take on it, it was quite ironic that the spokesperson of the white house insinuated that it was forced to carry out the army of the syrian fighters. it is blaming its critics for forcing itself to go on. with such a programme. it tells you a great deal that the obama administration did not want to do it in the first place. it was forced to do it. it did not have heart or mind in this programme. it relies on local forces. but the only local forces are
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the kurds. there's a major problem between the kurds in syria and turkey. they are trying to reassure turkey that the kurds are not the major driver. on the ordinary hand there's no other force that the administration trusts inside syria. where do we go from here. there's no light at the end of the tunnel. it's a messy situation in syria now. >> the picture of disarray that you paint contrasts sharply with russian intervention in syria and the reports of military build-ups by russia, is the u.s. fluence being replaced. if so, what does that mean for the conflict in syria? >> i think this is an important question. it shows the reluctance and
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ambivalence of the foreign policy, that the middle east and syria are not a priority for president obama. on a bigger scale, on a greater scale, it shows the end of the moment, not just the least by the international system. the ukraine, syria allegations, and shows the assertion of russian power. and what it means for syria. you'll see a more assertive russian role inside syria, along with china and americans feel basically in a weak position. vis-a-vis russia, that is escalating the position. even the government. bashar al-assad position has been strengthened a great deal. and the inaptitude of the administration. all in all, nothing qualitative would take place in syria.
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it's a big mass, and at in the moment, the russians have scored major gains politically and symbolically in the middle east and syria. >> thank you for that. >> china and the u.s. agreed to fight corruption, money laundering and the finance of terrorism. president obama has been holding talks with his chinese counterpart. the two leaders announced agreement on cyber security. president obama said they had candid discussions. patty culhane reports. >> it was a noisy visit. a welcome visit inside the white house and out. >> protesters for and against the meeting which is about more than the pageantry of a formal vist. >> this is a meeting with a packed agenda, as they met the
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press, it was clear they got car are far on the to-do list. on cyber theft president obama said they reached an agreement that china will not do it or support it in the future. >> the question now is are words followed by action. and we'll watch to make an east as to whether congress has been made. the u.s. will consider sanctioning chinese companies. the tough cone continued when it crime to the disputed islands in in the south china see. oilds since ain tent times. we have the right to upheld territorial sovereign hooity, rights and interests. >> president obama said the chinese agreed to put in a cap and change system.
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making it expensive to pollute the environment. >> it's huge for the planet. the most important peace that is outstanding is what will happen for ianna's emissions going forward. they are concrete steps, new systems for dispatching cystry. where they didn't agree on everything, but they need each other now. >> newly released satellite pictures though china completed a run way. it appeared to show the landing crip. the issue of the hilds has been a source of tension between china and its neighbours.
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>> the world leaderers pledging to eradicate poverty within 15 years, one of several goals adopted at the united nations. replacing the millennium goals that expired this year, and include a name change. the u.n. says one in nine people around the world it hungry. that's 795 million people. they want to end poverty and push for food security. 103 million young terse caned read or right. the goals promote educational opportunities. the u.n. wants to assess affordable and sustainable energy plies for all. >> and for the southern african nation of botswana, help can't come too soon. they are facing a water crisis and the situation is getting
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worse. >> another day and no water. villages outside have been without running water for three weeks. they collect rations from storage containers. when i go to work, i rite my children clean. in the evening i watch them and reuse their water to wash myself. the sacrifice is not a main concern. i'm worried about the health of my kids. i wonder if my kids will five the situation. >> the family reuses water for a third day. down the road at the water collection point residents reserve their place in line. hoping the municipality will deliver water. >> this was the capital city, a main source of water. it failed, but know water.
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it is expected to be the driest season. each day the city is short of water. botswana's minister says inadequate infrastructure is making the transfer of water across the country difficult. >> water is life. as minister, i have to be worried. worried yid ta it holds up, and the rejects that we do kick in on time. >> businesses are cashing in on supplying water. at the largest hospital. water supplies are increasing. they need thousands of litres a day. our university operates every day. we have patients needing the
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services. the best we can do is delay the treatment. the hospital cut back on routine procedures, now it's emergency operations only. frustration is building. the government is saying it will take two years before the country has a sustainable water supply an alleged member of the group is to be prosecuted at the international criminal court for destroying buildings in timbuktu. the city is listed as a u.n.e.s.c.o. site. simply religious sites in mallee were attacked. it was worshipped. it's the first time they'll here a case connected to the destruction of mali sites. >> iraqi politicians are due to discuss a crucial law designed to bring national unity and defeat i.s.i.l. the national guard law is
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controversial and unpopular among those it will most effect. imran khan explains. >> seven weeks ago a battle to retake the ramadi city from i.s.i.l. fighters. security forces have not taken the capital of anbar province. >> in that time a crucial piece of legislationlation designed to unite the army, hopes have stalled. the spokesman said the national guard law at this stage is ineffective and will destroy iraq and not united. we want the national guard to be based on a national federal and elitist force okey to the armed forces. the prime minister. we have a clear rejection. in which we don't want a force divided by iraq's provinces. what the militia said fare is that if the bill is passed in
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its counter form, it could lead to the division of the army. there's plenty of signs of the unity. it is a very real fear that the national guard law could mean a kurdish, sunni and shia army that could face each other. there are political problems with this. sunni politicians say the shias are opposed to the law. the militias want to take over the army. the national guard law will be discussed. it is believed that it will be owned. they have the force to stand you have, and the law promotes sectarian divisions. if these differences continue, it may lead to a clash in parliament i.s.i.l. fighters took
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advantage of iraq's political differences and held on to territory for a year. the syrian conflict and the chaos in the region benefitted the armed group. iraqi politicians know that i.s.i.l. need to be tweeted. but they are divided on how to achieve that. >> let's get weather with everton. you'll talk about a typhoon heading to taiwan, how is it shaping up. >> it's winding in. looking at the satellite. you can see clearly storms there. a big eye on the storm. it's intensifying and will gather speed further over the next 18-24 hours or so. that's the position at the moment. it will make its way further north-west, just to the north of taipei there. presently there's sustained winds. gusting 230 k/hr. the usual damage is likely. we are looking at those very,
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very strong winds and rains. and quite a storm surge as well. the system is making its way. it's been equivalent of the of a category 3 hurricane. it's well offshore, but the wind has started to pick up. they'll pick up further as we go through monday. we'll see a storm surge coming through here, and the possibility of flooding. elsewhere across china, it generally looks fine and dry. and across a good part of india. 130mm of rain here in 24 hours in columbo. the capital seeing nasty weather, it will continue. and southern parts of india over the next few days. >> thank you so much. stay with us here on the newshour, still to come. turf war in japan's underworld. we report on the struggles faced
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by the notorious gangs. >> i'm john hendren in san jose, where the indian prime minister narendra modi came to talk about technology binding u.s. and india. >> it was a defining moment. how spanish football came to the help of a refugee tripped by a camera woman. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life.
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not the other way around. . >> welcome back, you are watching the al jazeera newshour. let's capital headlines.
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u.s. rebels passed ammunition to a group linked to al-qaeda. >> the latest development in a volkswagen scandal. cars we tricks tests have been banned pope francis ended the u.n. part of his tour. calling for the correction of the most vulnerable. the pope delivered a message to the u.n. gen blame, speaking of the importance of wiping out poverty. >> the pope entering this large domed haul. this time not a place of worship. in many ways, the secular cathedral of global diplomacy.
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>> we are here to listen. >> it was a wide of ranging speech, touching broad issues like inequality, hough early, the environment, education and the church of war. >> not only in cases of religious and cultural persecution, but every case of conflict. >> real human being taking precedence over part stan interests. in wars and conflicts. there are individual persons, our brothers and sisters. >> earlier the pope made his way through the streets of owner manhattan, closed to traffic in ma passive security operation. again. he was driven in a small fiat car. for the latest part of the his trip he left u.s. soil and was
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welcomed on to international territory. he was transported around the complex in the u.n. version of a pope mobile. a gulf buggy. he addressed u.n. staff and address said them in english. >> the organization's deal of a united human family living in harmony, walking not only for peace, but in peace. walking not only for justice, but in the spirit of justice. >> the pope's speech touched on the themes of the main task for the general assembly. they celebrated as they atopted new gold. sustainable goals running for the next 15 years, the task
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summed up by a phrase uttered here. leave no one behind. for the first time the flag raised up. a ruling allowing observer states to do this. palestine raising its plastic bag. the fat can status here has not changed. the pope did more than observe. laying out the key issues and themselves of global goals. it was clear by the time he left that the world was listening. >> the pope is due to arrive in philadelphia for the final part of a 6-day tour. he'll meet victims of child abuse and talk about vatican rearms. a tribunal has been set for cases that have been covered up.
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cam anner says more needs to be done. several locations within the scurch. >> you see, knowing the kinds of things that he did here. taking a lot of chances getting caught, having sex at the alter, which is sacrilegious. i just thought. for sure, he'd bring clout. wheg i saw that in december 1992, he was still hooked there. and 10 years after i knew him he molested all the kids, and gone to texas and was in ten ver. i use the term nationalized abuse. the secrets were kept within the
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organizations. he's saying is lot of important things. talks about accountability. >> because you have a tribunal. in theory it's not running and tective in putting a stop to things, because we don't know how the tribunal will walk or under what circumstances it would be brought before a tribunal. the reest reports him how far back does it go. from this point on, anyone protecting child abusers, or they go book five or 10 years. they know who the problem people are. and it seems to me that one way to show you are serious is to
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lay it all out. >> russian airlines have been banned from plying into ukraine. the decision was made. the prime minister saying russian planes carrying military hardware or personnel are not allowed to go over the country. thousands of people took part in an independence rally in barcelona. the party of the yes is the final rally before the catalan elections. spain's trm said secession would be illegal. >> why don't they explain the truce. what would happen to the european lunion. what happens to your rights as a spaniard. where will you export. what happens with custody comes duty. who pays the fivers.
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who will go to the market. hungary's refugees, that crossed the fence with serbia are pending up in court to be expelled back to serbia. lawrence lee reports from the courts nearby the hungarian serbian boarder. >> many refugees are settling in western europe. for others, it is this place deciding their future. in the court we were not allowed to film the man sitting opposite the judge, but the shuj read back to him the journey he described to the police. >> he left his if and kids behind, smuggled through to bulgaria on his way to germany. hassan told the suj that
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smugglers said it was okay to go through a hole in the commence and finished up in this court, inside a police compound. 200 cases like his t 1,000 more waiting to be heard. the established the court coming against a backdrop. announcing hungry's lending a legal and moral legitimacy. is any legal. this lawyer representing an afghan thinks the rules that the judge had to follow, agreed not by experts are deeply politicized and in breach of the convention on the tat us of refugees, which states that they were free from risk.
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>> they consistent put the law before the parliament. there was no chance to challenge the decree. it was a digs to expel refugees to specialia. in court they were told to stand. hassan, said the judge. you'll be sent back to serbia. in the room, things like pity is nowhere to be seen. hassan is a criminal first, and a refugee second. all the while the hungry extends the fence across croatia, soon the border with slovenia as well. the courts no doubt would be busy. >> thai police staged a re-enactment of the bang cock bombing, killing 20 people. police crowned the suspect. he has been confirmed as the man
6:41 am
in the yellow t-shirt seen on close circuit tv placing a ruck sat at the shrine. re-enactments are a standard part of police investigations. >> sing support is suing companies it blames for a haze choking the sit. hazardous smog blnctth parts of malaysia. shops have been closed. some locals forced to stay indoors. conyeern farms say haze cause a problem. >> japan's mushingy under world of the gangs could be going through a sheikh um of the reports of turf worse, raising questions about the strength and incidents of the organized crime groups. >> from tokyo. rob mcbride reports. >> in the shadow which world of the the heart land of the red
6:42 am
light district. it may be the big is upheaval. >> unhappy with the way he is running the organization. it is reported that a rival faction has broken away. the fear is it could have an impact on other groups. the nunns on politics and in the fi is diminishing. it is happening in this climate. part of the problem is the link between organized crime and the wider economy. dependent on the economy, the heyday was in the bubble years
6:43 am
of the 1980s. in the leaner years, times are tough, with a number of members pauling to a low of 60,000. laws introduced at government level are designed to make tinges tougher. gangs towned to be doing business face being% cuted and publicly named. it's part of an attempt by law enforcement to crack down on the gangs. they have seen previous efforts come and go. >> the police said they'll driveway them since 1965. the fact they nist shows how sloppy their methods are. >> despite the counter problems, it shows they have a knack for survival. >> the rugby world cup, so-called group of death takes center stage this aet. joe is standing by with the
6:44 am
details in sport. ahead, fastest in practice in japan. a frufstrating end for one qualifying driver. action from the circuit coming
6:45 am
up. welcome back. indian tech entrepreneurs the force behind the successful silicon valley in the u.s. thousands helped launch start-ups and boosted jobs by supporting and investing in each other. on sunday, as john hendren
6:46 am
reports, prime minister narendra modi is to address many of those that left an imprint of india in silicon valley this couple arrived in silicon valley in the 1970less, riding the first wave of indian software engineers to the coast and became hungry. >> we came with nothing in our pocket. we were living on a small income. just a little bit of savings, was not that unappealing to us. we came from nothing. >> both have been terks. they dominate the tech industry. now a venture kat lift here and in india. the goal was to help everybody start companies in an effective way. the organization has done well.
6:47 am
>> they led a study refeeling an influence of indians. they make up 6% of the workforce, and 16% of the c.e.o.s of start-ups. 14% have one founder, one reason they helped each other. >> in american we are all indians, if we are hindu, muslims. why do we behave like indians, why don't we help each other. >> they are booked in the speech. on the tech ties that bind in india. the arena holds 18,500. 50,000 requested tree tickets. that's a sign of how strong the days are. many brought the expertise back to their home country.
6:48 am
india saw a flurry of start-ups. start-ups that may go to effect with what happened in the u.s. as well. >> just as india forms a little bit of india, they are hoping to bring a little bit of silicon valley to india. >> time to catch up with sport. here is joe. >> swiss prosecutors will continue investigations into sepp blatter, after questioning him on friday on a raid on the officers of football's world body. sepp blatter was photographed cutting a lonely figure in zurich. after meeting with investigators pursuing him on questions of mismanagement and misappropriate reegs. switzerland and the u.s. are running probes into f.i.f.a. in a statement the swiss attorney general said the representative seized data from the private office. the investigation is focused on a tv rights deal signed with the
6:49 am
former caribbean official jack warner, blatter is expected of making a payment of more than 2 billion to european football president. >> sports correspondent lee wellings says the latest development shouldn't come as a surprise. there has been turmoil at f.i.f.a. for many months, starting from the arrests from the fibromyalgia, and with the swiss, authorities, and the u.s. attorney-general working closely. there's an inevitability about making the move on the president. you expected it would happen sooner rather than later. it happened while the executive meeting, the day that that was taking place. they questioned him. seized data. sepp blatter finds himself in trouble accused of mismanagement. and it's over two separate cases. one that one again, and a
6:50 am
television deal in 2005. and the other allegations surrounded it. michelle bancini is the favourite to be the new president. we'll see how this is going to all affect him. sepp blatter's lawyers have issued a form of denial. they say that he is cooperating. when swiss have a stance to deliver evidence. then we'll say no, mismanagement occurred. >> the mercedes team looked out the front row. lewis hamilton's team was second. it's nico rosberg's first poll, and he strils brit bin by 41 points. the red bull machine crashed. thankfully the russian driver
6:51 am
escaped unhurt, leading to suspension of the final lap. comes years after a crash at the same track, leading to death in july. the rugby world cup conditions. the group of death is the main focus. the tournament hosts have won the last two meetings, with this group coning australia. whoever losses could face an early exit from the tournament. >> the game is massive for me growing up from the age of five, watching scotland versus wales. it's a special occasion to be part of and it will be incredible. i can't wait to get out there.
6:52 am
>> they are attempting to regs der a first win. they have a chance to redeem themselves. it was an image of the ongoing refugee crisis in europe. a farmer with his son in his arms tripped by a camera woman in hungary. he happened to be a football coach. with help from real madrid they are starting a new life in spain. >> a father kicking a football with his son. it seemed so normal in madrid. this is no ordinary family. he was deliberately dripped by a camera woman while holding his son in a field. it was a defining moment both for the treatment of refugees, and the future of the family, who now have a spanish roof over
6:53 am
their heads, and an income. >> i work, and come, and when i come to europe, i sikh a job here. and led here for my wife. >> the president of spain's national football saw him trip and heard that he was a syrian premier league coach, before a refugee. he was sent a train ticket to madrid. >> i love you i love spain. thank you for all. >> i loved it. >> i saw i would like to help and bring him and his family
6:54 am
here i wanted to do it as football managers. i have a moral gz to do something, and help fellow managers. >> the story of a fable coach turned refugee. hearing that they were in the pannish capital, invited the 8-year-old to mascot. the t-shirts the players are wearing in support of the refugee crisis. >> once the family settles into madrid, they'll start coaching here at a football school outside madrid. >> the football family as f.i.f.a. president sepp blatter likes to call it never looked more dysfunctional. here in madrid the story appears to have hugified the sport a man that has fallen fall is neymar.
6:55 am
a brazilian court freezing him and his family's assets worth $48 million. he is accused of failing to bay $16 million in taxes before moving from santos. the father and manager says the charges are unjust. and that is all the port for now. >> thank you so much. >> now to the story of fab rigs used to dress people. fast disagree from the obviouslies of one popular merchants. >> in the middle of the old city, politics stay at the boar. this man's family has been selling fabrics for generations. >> sometimes, you know, they do it. >> he shows us fabric provided for the previous pope benedict
6:56 am
16, and addressed a prominent rabbi in israel. >> you don't like to hafr about the politics -- hear about the politics, i like people to come to my store. >> reporter: we see that when we meet ronnie, a long-term client. >> i'm basically a client. more than a client, i'm a friend. all of us are coming here. this is jerusalem and he's there. the prettiest face of the city. every time i come, i'm here. >> the heavilies hold the story of snore conflict. >> it's full. now it's short. and i can't go there because the situation. >> this is a robe worn at wedding celebrations and this comes from the capital. it's the last one left in the
6:57 am
shop. fab rigs from syria are known to be some of the most exquisite. particularly in the ancient city, taken over by the islamic state. >> they do the art fabrics, old designs. and done by a special loom. with 14 carrot gold. >> he has a small role of fabric. no one is making them in palmyra. here, with tension in jerusalem, business is bad. >> we feel that it is a crime. jerusalem is a crime. no people to come here. >> he hopes the holy city will be quiet again, and he may return to syria to buy the fabrics that have been in the family business or generations. stay with us here in al jazeera, another full bulletin of news ahead. and there's the web site
6:58 am
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u.s. trained syrian rebels hand over ammunition and equipment to a group linked to al qaeda. from al jazeera headquarters in doha, also coming up, >> i'm so excited. it's a great moment for america. yes. >> thousands line the streets of new york to catch a glimpse of pope francis. banning alto. switzerland stops the sale of some volkswagen in the wake of a


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